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Welcome to "Music Cape Breton"-'Helping our musicians since 1998'.

"Music Cape Breton" formerly "Cape Breton Musical Choices"; Here is my collection of information, updated daily-your Year Round Source for ALL Musical and Cultural information covering all of Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia, Canada.

My name is Mike Little of Port Hood -retired at Rocky Ridge-[West Mabou];
I e-published a weekly 'ALL Cape Breton Music Listing' every Thursday for over 15 years
'Music Cape Breton' https://

Then a basic web page so everyone could access All the Music information I have been gathering. to cover All of Cape Breton island.
"Designed for the artist/fans and promoters"

First; I started with a two week listing; then added a two month advance listing;
Perfect for tourists making plans; Before they land here, and even better for them
to see [ on one page ],what is happening, after they settle in!!.

Plus a page for Celtic Colours, then a page for Island Links; and finally a page for CB Events.

A very dear friend *Victor Maurice Faubert* has a Photo page for those folks wanting to
see and read about our island. to date-February 2018-this is the #26th photo essay of Victors' .

Finally i added a daily page; which lists events by the day-another way to re-arrange data.

Hopefully we can keep our tourists here longer and keep them happier ; what better combination
that Golf/sight seeing/hiking-summer and winter/swimming/entertaining/visiting, etc;
during the day and Music during the evening

This is my way of helping our Island Musicians-my love of Cape Breton Music;
trying to help the artists/promoters and those musical tourists as much as possible.
My listing grew to include ALL of Nova Scotia; as so many island musicians now work off island

"Always listing your Gigs for Free".

In July of 2016 my website crashed-with Cape Breton Tourism going thru the roof!!!

-so many folks visited my website; my bandwidth went over 5 GB !.

Now I'm back on a new host with unlimited bandwidth-

==Press Release -October 2013==

"Cape Breton Musical Choices launches a new website."

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financial support Appreciated

Friends & Supporters

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• Sandra MacDonald •

This information is for your enjoyment; Errors or Omissions are unintentional; Kindly inform me.

Mike Little or Michael

...March 20th, 2024 ....

Box #125; #620 NEW Rocky Ridge Road, Port Hood, Cape Breton;


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