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Ceilidhs & Square Dances Jams 2020 Events Church-Services

                    Events 2020-Music Cape Breton-updated January 1st , 2022, .... Convid 19 virus -things CANCELLED;

  ====Convid 19 virus -things CANCELLED-island wide     -----------

====       2021 events-[ Updated January 1st, 2022 ]

==== we are hopeful that these events will be possible- THINK POSITIVE

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, it will be a day by day decision to NOT Cancel, stay Safe and positive, thanks. • 2020 July 26th--#64th annual Broad Cove Scottish concert=CANCELLED
Port Hawkesbury Ceilidhs , 25th season. for July and August are cancelled. The 6th Annual Àros na Mara World Oceans Day Festival for 2020 Granville Green Concert Series =#26th Annual-cancelled for 2020 #24th Annual= Oct 9th to 17th==ON-LINE linevirtual shows
•2020 July 31st to Aug 2nd-#45th Annual Festival de l'Escaouette; Chéticamp; 1-902-224-2642

• 2020 Aug 1st-Iona-ON-LINE-VIRTUAL #59th Annual Higland Village Day Concert; Là Mór a’ Bhaile |
      ( NSHighlandVillage).

•2021 June 9th to 13th--#33rd Annual ECMAs & conference -Sydney; VIRTUAL ONLY 1-800-513-4953

•2021 June 24th to Oct 3rd-Theatre Baddeck= 902-412-7122
      rescheduled all four shows – Outside Mullingar; He’d Be Your Mother’s Father’s Cousin; Lauchie,
      Liza and Rory; and Where You Are

•2021 July 26th to Aug 1st--covid-CANCELLED ..Port Hood-Chestico Days Summer Festival

• 2021 Aug 2nd-#12 Annual Free Outdoor concert ; covid-CANCELLED ...
    Broad Cove Banks: Banks Head Schoolhouse 902-258-2222

•2021 August 21st-=Crankinfest St Peter's : Ross Rankin's-Crankinfest 2021
      : 9735 Highway # 4

•2021 Aug 27th to Sept 4th..#8th Annual KitchenFest-all over Cape Breton island
     St Anns: Gaelic College

• 2021 September 3rd to 5th--#9th annual Acoustic roots festival; Marion Bridge: Two Rivers Wildlife Park 902-727-2483

•2021 Sept 10th to 19th-Annual Hike the Highlands festival -Ingonish

•2021-Oct 8th to 16th-Celtic Colours International Music Festival; COVID 19-changes       ON-LINE live-stream nightly performances and stories from Cape Breton ; 1-877-285-2321

•2022 July 21st to 25th-L’Ardoise -Acadian Festival

• 2022 Aug 12th to 14th-Margaree Highland Games-19678 Highway # 19
      Southwest Margaree @ St Joseph's Parish Hall field


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